We’re going back to the San Diego Area!!!

Our next meeting of the PSSC will be Saturday, 21 September, 2019.  All three gardens are in Encinitas, a coastal community about 25 minutes north of San Diego off Freeway 5.  All three are fantastic gardens with lots to see.  The first two gardens are across the street from each other. You don’t want to miss out on these fantastic gardens! 

The first garden is at the Home of Dorian Ouer.  Many of you may know Dean Ouer, Dorian’s father and the present moderator of Palm Talk.  Dean started his garden almost three decades ago.  His son, Dorian, who grew up at this home and garden, promptly increased his interest and passion for the garden.  Since his acquiring the garden in 2005, Dorian has made many improvements and added a lot of new and different plants.  Some his favorite palms include towering Ceroxylons with white trunk way overhead, a majestic Dypsis species Black Stem, old Ravenea glauca and the super rare “Ravenea monticola”.  You’ll also see many mature Dypsis species, mature RhopalostylisSchizolobium and Enterolobium trees side by side, cycads and a vast assortment of tropical plants.  This is a “don’t miss” garden!  He will have a bathroom available and the Board of Directors meeting will meet early at Dorian’s home. 

The second garden is directly across the street from the Ouer Garden at the home and garden of Scott and Trina Leonard.  This is a good sized garden and you’ll even see an area dedicated to his “tropical fruit orchard”.  But, Scott’s main interest is with his palms.  Some of his favorites in the garden include beautiful blue Bismarckia nobilis, an assortment of unusual DypsisChambeyronia, RhopalostylisPritchardiaspecies and a vast assortment of other nice palms and trees.  I can vouch that you’ll love the variety and beauty of this garden.  Others have mentioned the unbelievable speed of growth that Scott has achieved with everything he’s planted.  You may want to ask him how he does it.  There are definitely a ton of botanic gems to see.

The third garden is just across Freeway 5, just about a half of mile going east, at the home and garden of Matt and Grace Beltran.  This is a somewhat newer garden with a vast array of planting and hardscape improvements.   Of note you can only park on the south side of Spart street as the other side is closed for parking.  Matt’s garden has a definite tropical theme.  You can see his enthusiasm in planting desirable palm species.  His favorites include Dypsis leptocheilos, assortedPritchardia including a nice hildebrantii as well as P. remotaaffinis and martii.  He also loves his ChambeyroniaCyphophoenixKentiopsis, Ravenea glaucaDypsisspecies and lots of assorted tropical plants.  Bathroom is available.  This is the garden where we’ll have our potluck and auction. 

  9:15 AM   Board of Directors Meeting
10:30 AM  Begin Tours of both the Ouer and Leonard Gardens (across the street from each other)
12:15 PM  Depart for the Beltran Garden
12:30 PM  Arrive and Begin Tour at to the Beltran Garden - Park on the south side only of the street
 1:00 PM  Potluck lunch (please bring a dish) – Chicken, and utensils provided by PSSC - (Sodas and water available for the low price of $1.00)
  1:30 PM  Continue touring the garden
  2:15 PM  Begin Formal Meeting, Announcements
  2:30 PM  Plant Auction and Raffle
  4:30 PM   Adjourn Meeting – Clean Up Help Requested



OUER AND LEONARD GARDENS:  Find your way on Freeway 5 to the city of Encinitas (ten minutes south of Oceanside and 25 minutes north of San Diego). Exit the Freeway at Leucadia Blvd. going west (toward the ocean).  Continue for about an eighth of a mile to Hymettus Ave and turn right.  Go several blocks and turn right on Naiad St.   Gardens across the street from each other.

BELTRAN GARDEN:  Re-track your route to Leucadia Blvd. turning left (east) and cross the freeway.  Immediately after crossing Freeway 5, make a sharp left onto the frontage road - Piraeus St.  Be careful to stay to the right after turning and not enter onto the freeway on ramp.  Continue north on Piraeus for about a quarter mile and turn right onto Sparta Dr.  When approaching the Beltran Garden, park on south (right hand) side of Sparta Drive. 


Thank our hosts at these wonderful gardens
Wear appropriate shoes – No heels!
Bring hot or cold dish for the Potluck
Bring plant donations for Auction and Raffle - remember, you can donate 50% or 100% of plant auction proceeds. Please, no common palms like Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia, etc.