"Palms for Southern California" is the PSSC's guide to palm culture in Southern California. In this handbook you will find all the different types of palm trees that have been proven to grow in Southern California. It includes the botanical names of each palm, as well as the common name for easy identification. Watering requirements, Sun Exposure, Heat Tolerances, Freeze Tolerances, Growth characteristics and traits. Most importantly a brief and detailed summary of the palm itself. It's illustrated with line drawings by long time PSSC resident artist Geoff Stein.


This handbook is a MUST for the beginning step to any garden. It is highly recommended before placement of any palms in you garden, to read and understand the key to any tropical garden is to create a natural habitat for your palms!  

. The perfect guide to take with you to a garden, nursery, or simply to design your tropical oasis! 

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Palms for Southern California

Truly an essential tool for the beginner palm enthusiast!

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