Our meeting of March 19, 2016 was held at two gardens in Fallbrook, "North County" San Diego.


The first garden was that of Jason and Virginia Dunn near the center of "old town" Fallbrook, and what a treasure it was. The Dunns bought their place in 2009 and wasted no time in turning it into a tropical paradise. 20 - 30 foot canopy, including mature Archontophoenix, plus a large Dypsis "Tri Bear" hybrid with many feet of trunk, a "Foxy Lady" hybrid between Veitchia and Wodetya, and even an Attalyea gerarniensis. A great surprise was a nice Hyophorbe langencaulis,with about a foot of trunk right by the front door.


The second garden was that of Gregg and Linda Opgenorth, which was on 2 acres in the country outside Fallbrook. Ever wonder why so many nice palm gardens are out there? Drive out and see! The best of Pennsylvania and California countryside with California climate! (Searching Zillow for listings right now!)


The Opgenthorth place has three quarters of an acre with an eye on the grandeur you can get with a bit of space: mature large palms all over, including Parajubea, Phoenix, Brahea and more in a water-wise landscape. Plus a view of the hills, and the mountains in the distance.


Thanks a heap to the Dunns and the Opgnenorths for opening up their lovely homes and gardens to our enthusiastic mob. We look forward to see the evolutions of both for decades to come!


Thanks to all who donated plants for the auction!


The votes for the new board of directors were tallied and the following is your new PSSC Board: President: Larry Black, Treasurer: David Bleistein, Secretary: Donald Merhaut, Orange County Chair: Ralph Velez, LA to Ventura Chair: Casey Quinn, Director at Large: Michael McGuire, Membership: Mark Riedler, Auctions: Don Martin.


Thank you for voting and thank these members for stepping forward to keep your society running.


Happy palm growing.

Dave Bleistein, Treasurer