Thanks to all who joined us at this grand event! If you didn’t attend, you missed a treat which included: (a) free admission to the LA County Arboretum and its peafowl, regional gardens and “Fantasy Island” cottage; (b) good fellowship from 80 fellow palm nuts, who came from as far as Hawaii; and (c) an epic presentation by Len Geiger, about his trip to Madagascar in 2015. Where were you?

The LA County Arboretum had a serious upgrade and remodel and it shows. The Madagascar Garden is a showpiece of native Madagascar flora in a naturalistic setting.  Pachypodium. Succulents. Palms. The Arboretum’s collection of Australian plants is outstanding as well. And the palm garden keeps growing and growing.

The big highlight was Member Len Geiger’s presentation. Mr. Geiger, a Director in the International Palm Society, went on a trip to Madagascar, but he didn’t do like most of us old people do, which is stay on the path. He wandered off into the wilderness, and saw things non-Malagasy almost never see, and which he photographed for us. These included yet-unnamed very big Dypsis, and the real Ravenea glauca. Plus a yet-unnamed clumping Dypsis with orange-pink-salmon crownshafts that look like flames with green pinnate leaves on top. Plus Dypsis baronii with many variations, including colorful spathes. Eye candy.

Thanks to the growers who donated about 80 plants to the auction.

Happy palm growing.