We are pleased to announce the next Society meeting will be September 19th, 2015 in Los Angeles County in the cities of both Long Beach and Lakewood, Ca. The two gardens are about 5 minutes apart. Many unusual and rare palms will be seen. This will be a POTLUCK meeting, so bring your

favorite dish to share with other member’s. Water and soft drinks will be available at a nominal charge. There will also be an auction and raffle at the second garden. Members are encouraged to bring plants for the auction and raffle. A board meeting will proceed the meeting at the first garden at 9:00 am. Chairs will be provided for the general meeting. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and hat for sun protection.

GARDEN NUMBER ONE: Home and Garden David Harris and Susan Gomez Zwiep at 3054 Shadypark Drive, Long Beach, CA 90808. This house was purchased by them a short time ago, and though at this time, they do not know too much about the palms on the property, they have expressed

they wanted to learn more about them and I am hopeful this will encourage them to join. I had the opportunity to speak with a neighbor and he said both he and the previous owner were friends and

shared many ideas about their gardens and how they should look and what they planted and he said they started planting in the early 1980’s. Some of what you will see are some nice Howea belmoreanas, Rhopalostylis sapidas, some large rare cycads and lots of variegated plants

throughout their beautiful landscaping. 

GARDEN NUMBER TWO: Home and Garden of Casey and DeeEtte Quinn at 4413 Woodruff Ave Lakewood, CA 90713. This Garden was started in late 2006. It started out slow at first with some larger transplanted palms that were dug up from a friend and fellow member Julio Gonzales’s home.

Soon after, many trips were being made down south to a variety of growers to start his collection. He didn’t really have a masterplan when planting, he just chose the palms he wanted and tried to find a

good spot for them 10 years later, looks like he did a pretty good job. A little of everything is represented: lots of palms, cycads, Ti plants, bromeliads and ferns.

DIRECTIONS TO GARDEN #1 From 405 North, exit Woodruff Ave, Turn right onto E. Spring Street, Turn Left onto McNab Ave. Drive on McNab Ave. to 3054 Shadypark Drive. On the corner. From 605 South, exit E. Spring Street, keep right at the fork, and continue on E. Spring St. Turn

right at McNab Ave. Drive on McNab Ave to 3054 Shadypark Drive. On the corner

DIRECTIONS TO GARDEN #2 Go North on Shadypark Dr., turn left on Pageanty St , Turn left on N. Los Coyotes Diagonal, Turn right on Woodruff Ave, drive 1.6 miles north on Woodruff Ave, Turn left on Harvey Way and quick right onto Woodruff Ave. 1⁄2 way up the block to 4413

Woodruff Ave.