2019 March Meeting - San Diego Area

We will be visiting Poway, California

Our next meeting of the PSSC will be Saturday, 23 March, 2019. Both gardens are in Poway,
about 20 minutes north of San Diego off Fwy 15. Both have a “wilderness” feel to them as Poway is a rural community.


Also note that the auction at this meeting will feature larger plants. Normally, we ask that auction plants be 1 - 7 gallon pots; for this meeting we're asking for larger plants.

The first garden is at the Home of Mike and Diane Marika. Mike is now retired as the head
Superintendent of Balboa Park grounds and has assisted us for meetings on numerous occasions.
The Marikas moved to Poway in 1984.  At that time, Poway Road was only a 2 lane country road off I-15 freeway. Beeler Creek flows through their property from south to north and is a wildlife corridor for bobcats, deer, raccoons, skunks, and shrews – and rattlesnakes. As water flows so does cold air.  Our local area falls within zone 20 with very cool winters and an occasional ocean influence. Historic thermometer readings range from 18 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the more marginal palms will not grow for the Marikas for any length of time.  However, genera that perform admirably and can be seen mature include Sabal, Brahea, Phoenix ,and Livistona. Their favorites include large Nanorrops rechiana, Trithrinax campestris, Sabal urasana and a 23 foot Foquiera columnaris. Because of recent rains, crossing the creek can be risky. So, don’t use GPS and take the somewhat longer route to avoid the creek. Follow the directions below carefully (both coming and leaving).

The second garden is at the Green Valley Garden and home of “Chip” Lyle and Helen Arnold.
The Arnolds acquired this nineteen-acre hilltop property 1989. It is a combination botanical
garden and nature preserve. The botanical garden portion of the property is a diverse collection of hundreds of tropical and subtropical plants from around the world, including palms, cycads, flowering trees, aloes, protea, orchids, bromeliads, and ferns. Elevation of the garden is 940 ft to 1200 feet with most of the touring area being walkable at 1100 feet and occupying 2.5 acres. The native plant area is approximately 16.5 acres and has paths which can be toured if one is in good condition with good hiking shoes. In contrast to the Markika garden, this garden is in a frost-free area. The overall theme of the garden and property is “in balance with nature,” and careful attention has been paid to the use of the existing boulders, natural slopes, and native plants. In the botanical portion of the garden are more than eighty palm and fifty cycad species, as well as flowering trees, orchids, bromeliads, ferns and numerous other plants. The garden also includes a koi pond built directly into the boulders. The more recently developed portions of the garden are established according to areas of the world, including South Africa, which contains proteas, aloes, and cycads, as well as areas focused on Austra-Asia, Madagascar, and Meso-America. Plants not to miss include mature or near mature Caryota obtusa Wodyetia bifurcata, Brahea clara, Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Dysis decipiens and Bismarkia nobilis

9:30 AM Board of Directors Meeting
10:30 AM Begin Tour Marika Garden11:30 AM Depart Marika Garden
11:45 AM Arrive to the Arnold Garden and begin tour
12:45 PM Potluck lunch
1:15 PM Finish tour of garden,
2:00 PM Begin Formal Meeting, Announcements
2:30 PM Plant Auction and Raffle
3:30 PM Adjourn Meeting – Clean Up Help Requested

MARIKA GARDEN (FIRST GARDEN): 12806 Beeler Creek Trail, Poway 92064 Mike’s phone – 619 261 6052

ARNOLD GARDEN (SECOND GARDEN): 15638 Boulder Mountain Rd, Poway, CA 92064 Chip’s phone – 619 851 8923

DIRECTIONS TO THE MARIKA GARDEN: You must approach Poway off Freeway I15. From the south find your way to Fwy 805 and merge onto Fwy 15 north. From the north take either Fwy 5 to Fwy 78 East to Fwy 15 south. For inland approach from the north, take Fwy 15 south to your turnoff. All approaches take Poway Rd. East (exit 18). On Poway Rd.
continue about 3 miles. Carefully watch on the right for a small road, Cobbletone Creek.
Turn right onto it. You’ll make a big half mile look and at the end on the left is the Marika
garden. If you follow your GPS, it’ll take you to the Beeler Creek turnoff and you’ll have to
drive through a running creek. Once you get to the Marikas, follow the directional areas
and park near the barn. If you don’t, you could get stuck in mud.

DIRECTIONS TO THE ARNOLD GARDEN: From the Marika garden, return the same way to Poway Rd. Turn right. In a short distance, turn left on Pomerado rd. In about 10 minutes turn right on Stone Canyon Rd. In three minutes turn right onto Martincoit Rd. Then to top and right on Orchard Gate Rd. Shortly turn left on Lime Grove Rd. and then right on Arroya Vista Rd. Finally turn left on Boulder Mt. Rd. This road ends at the garden. Come through the gate and go up the road that goes to the top of the mountain. BUT, park going downhill along this road or it becomes a problem when people leave. A shuttle will take people up the smaller driveway to the garden and house.

LARGER PLANT AUCTION: Generally, we ask that plants for the auction be between 1  and 7 gallon pot sizes. This time, on an experimental basis, we also ask for larger palms, up to 15 gallons in size. Please, rare palms only. No Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia, Sabal or other common plants.

As usual, we also appreciate donations for raffle plants, and 1 - 7 gallon rare palms. Donors can donate 100% of the proceeds of their plants to the PSSC, or keep 50% for themselves.

Thanks to all who donate!

POTLUCK: This meeting will feature a potluck lunch. Fried chicken will be provided, and we appreciate any dish you wish to bring. Salad, stew, dessert, you name it, if you like it, we will too! 

Wear appropriate shoes – No heels!
Bring hot or cold dish for the Potluck
Bring donations for Auction and Raffle
Questions: Contact Phil Bergman, Area Chairman, 619 291 4605