Greg Haines and John Cressey joined the Palm Society in 1976. Their Oakland home and its palms and tropical planting were lost in the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm. Long members of The Huntington Library and Gardens they moved to Altadena. Their  home with garden is on historic Mendocino Lane that has an impressive planting of Washingtonia robusta, the skyduster palm, that line both sides of the curved street from Allen to Altadena Drive. Planted in 1925, the palms currently reach up about 75 feet and provide an impressive gateway to the 1928 Spanish home.


The garden is over an acre in size and includes some 140 species. However, the goal has been to create a tropical landscape more than a collection of palm trees. There are several water features and winding paths that lead to a tea house, a five-tier waterfall and on to a king palm forest that honors the memory of Warren Dolby, an early champion of the Palm Society and its research/publications.

Greg and John hope you enjoy the garden and bring a friend to become new Palm Society members --- and that our meeting will include a hugely successful palm auction to help our Southern California Chapter.

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