SATURDAY, JULY 18th, 2015


The PSSC's July 2015 meeting took place at the home and garden of Mardy and Cherie Darian in Vista, North San Diego County. This was a "members only" meeting; only PSSC members and their immediate families were admitted. New members could sign up at the door; 69 new members did,

plus numerous renewals. 


This was all in spite of a freak rainstorm that appeared from out of nowhere to keep the sky cloudy and full of rain. It is estimated that attendance was over 200 people, one of whom was Jim Wright. 


The reason to pony up for a new membership on a freaky rainy day was clear the moment you stepped past the wrought iron entry gate. This is a world-class garden. Upscale suburbia changed to a cool, canopied forest. Trees towered in a tunnel over the long driveway leading to the house. Palms of many species were all over the 3 acre property, studded with natural rock outcrops. Many palm trunks were decorated with staghorn ferns and orchids. Highlights included mature Dypsis manjara-
nensis, decipiens, near-trunking large Copernicia, and Beccariophoenix madagascarnensis (formerly "No window") along with the tallest Bismarckia I've ever seen, with about 30 feet of trunk. Plus dozens

of mature Chambeyronia, and a large Marojejya darianii. And, a pair of towering Syagrus oleracea, graceful as coconuts, with base-ball sized seeds in large clusters. And much more.


Happy growing.

David Bleistein, President PSSC