September PSSC Meeting

The Brusseau Botanical Garden

The PSSC's September 17, 2016 meeting, auction and catered lunch was at the Brusseau home and garden in Vista, California, in "North County" San Diego.


September is one of the hotter months in Southern California but you never would have known it that day. The Brusseau garden was a mild 80 F, fanned by the breeze from the blue ocean a few miles to the west.


And what a garden! This was lordly hilltop acreage full of palms, some rare, some less so, but all thriving to a rare perfection. Welcome to the jungle! There were so many palms and other plants that they had the paradoxical effect of making the large properly look even bigger. At the same time, the paths made everything accessible.


There were many highlights: a mature, trunking Jubaea; Archontophoenix; Dypsis; many New Calendonians; mature Pseudeophoenix sargentii; a splendid Jubaeaopsis caffra; a

flowering Arenga pinnata; large Roystoneas; mature, trunking Bismarckias and many many more.


The best part was the happy faces on the 150 attendees.


The auction grossed about $3,300 of which the PSSC reaped about half.


Thank you all so much for coming!