It's nice to see palms in private gardens.  Some are wonderful indeed. 

But sometimes you want to look at palms and the host of a private garden is not in the mood to have you by.  It's nice to have your own garden, but sometimes you want a palm, but it gets too big for your tiny lot.  Or, you can't afford a lot at all.  Or, maybe the upkeep on the old place is too much and you sold it.  Or, you're new in town here to see the palms.  Public Palm Places solve those problems. 

A Public Palm Place is any place that has a notable assemblage of palms, and is accessible to the general public. Sometimes they're free, sometimes you pay a fee, but you can always plan a visit.

If you know of a potential Public Palm Place, let us know where it is.  To qualify, it needs to be open to the public, and visitors gawking at palms planted there won't disturb anyone.  (Or, at least no worse than they already are).  

E-mail Dave Bleistein (below) and let him know.